Hump Day Hook

My Wednesday hook paragraph is a little further into Ice Queen, my WIP.

All I can say about this paragraph, don’t mess with this woman. Looks can be deceiving.

“Yep, and if you don’t want to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir, I’d suggest you remove your hand. Oh,” She paused to let the first words sink into his lecherous brain. “And look down if you don’t believe me.”

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17 Responses to Hump Day Hook

  1. She reminds me of one of my heroines – very direct. 🙂

  2. Makes you really wonder about what’s going to happen next! Thanks for the excerpt!

  3. HA!!! Love her already!!!

  4. Lacie says:

    Love tough heroines! Great excerpt.

  5. Paloma Beck says:

    Love kick-ass heroines. She sounds great.

  6. Marja McGraw says:

    Interestingly, the eyes behind the mask look just like my cousin, although she’s no Ice Queen.

  7. Hmm..I want to know what he sees when he looks down!

  8. Cecilia says:

    LOL..this was very funny..I lvoed the Vienna Boys Choir, had enrolled my son, but never went through. Awesome heroine

  9. Cecilia says:

    I meant I loved the Vienna Boys Choir reference 😀

  10. Lindsay, she sounds intriguing!

  11. Ha! I can only imagine what he will see! This is great Linds!!!

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