Tuesday Tales

This week we’re writing to a picture prompt and this is the one I chose as it fits nicely with my regency WIP, The Lost Earl. Please forgive any mistakes you might find.


Toby slowed when he got to the entrance to the Carlisle estate. He was amazed at the broad expanse of the park laid out before him. Not even seeing smoke rising from the kitchen fires he suspected he still had a ride ahead.

Lifting his eyes to the sky he couldn’t help but notice several dark clouds had formed in the distance. “Aye, seems a storm might be brewing. But is it coming from the heavens or with whom I will be speaking with shortly?” he wondered aloud.

He suspected not even the brightness of the sun to the west wouldn’t save someone, him most likely if the duke’s reputation held true.

To the left of his eye he caught movement so he focused on it. Sheep scattered around the pasture, some munching on the grass while others lying down. He let the corners of his lips curl upward on spying several kids romping around their mothers. In the distance a shepherd rested against a framed structure with several herding dogs napping at his feet.

Swinging his head to the right he took in a well-tended forest, something he’d not expected to see. The trees all grew straight and large. It was no wonder this lumber was so sought after by builders of mansions and shipwrights.

Where the grass, neatly trimmed by sheep he guessed, met the woods he noticed several hares feasting on the shouts of flowers. Raising his gaze a little higher he saw deep within the trees several deer, one barely out of spots.

The sound of a hammer being cocked fully back brought him back to reality. Releasing the reins he raised his arms.

“My name is Toby Bowes. I’m a Bow Street runner here to speak with Miss Overstreet.”

“You may lower your hands,” a deep voice said.

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10 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Vicki Locey says:

    Wonderful use of the picture prompt!

  2. Ros Nazilli says:

    Oh exciting.. Love the way you used the picture..xx

  3. Sarah Cass says:

    Love the way you incorporated the picture! The picture you painted with your story was perfect, I could see all of the little details so clearly.

  4. Davee Jones says:

    I wonder who had tracked him down? Maybe you’ll tell us next week. 🙂

  5. jean joachim says:

    This picture really spoke to you. But now you’ve left me int he lurch. Who has the deep voice. It sure isn’t Miss Overstreet!

  6. Love the way you use the weather to foreshadow a possible confrontation between Toby Bowes and the duke over the young lady. Also, nice touch with the innocence of the deer and rabbits.

  7. Tricia says:

    Wow! I want to know who has a gun to his head. Great descriptions – I can see everything!

  8. Iris B says:

    Nice description ….

  9. Now I am worried about Toby. I wonder why he has been summoned? Hmm, are we going to be left hanging? I hope not. 🙂

  10. Great use of the picture! It did fit so well.

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