Haven’s Realm-5th book in the series is released

Today I’m thrilled to have fellow Secret Cravings Publisher author Tamara Monteau here to tell you about her newest release.

Thank you for having me on your blog today. I’m excited to announce the release of my fifth novel in the Haven’s Realm series – Secrets & Promises! To celebrate this event, I’m giving away two e-copies of this latest release. I will select a winner via drawing from among the comments to this post. Because this is a special event, I have sister posts on other blog sites. Each one contains different information, so you’ll want to visit them all! Their links are listed below. Comment on them as well to increase your chances to win!

And now, here’s a taste of what has become truly an epic tale…


When her best friend is taken by a vampire, Dr. Charlotte Vinetti shifts her genetic research focus in hopes of finding a cure. Five years later, she’s no closer to her goal, and long-troubled by the one vampire she’d killed who was different from the rest. Her worst nightmares become terrifying reality when she’s captured and realizes her captors are intelligent, sentient beings rather than the mindless creatures who continued to invade her home.

Vincent was nearing the end of his strength. Haven’s trials over the past five years had overtaxed his resources, but he knew with dread his problems were only beginning when the hunter the Community had long sought was the reincarnation of his deepest love. Forced by ancient promises to stand against the Bargain, his only hope lies in ending their gypsy curse and winning her love, for only then can he earn the Council’s forgiveness.

Excerpt #2:

The weapon vanished from her grasp. She gasped and looked down. Her rifle was gone as well. An instant later, a cold hand clamped over her mouth. An arm went around her neck from behind. My God! A vampire! A soft female voice spoke–spoke?–low in her ear. Her tone was lethal. “Make a move or utter a sound and I’ll snap your neck.”

Frozen in sheer terror, her worst nightmares materialized before her eyes. At any moment, she expected razor sharp fangs to rip her throat open. The one she tried to shoot appeared–just appeared–in front of her. He radiated power like a thousand watt light bulb, his flaming eyes drilling into her, his anger gripping her heart. She wondered how long they would make her suffer before she died. At this point, there was no use fighting. So, why aren’t I dead? Why does he seem to be studying me?

She stared at the vampire, shocked. He seemed self-aware and intelligent. The control he exerted over his power was deliberate and practiced. He was seething. Even with her limited mental discipline, she sensed his rage more keenly than she saw it in his burning eyes. She couldn’t think past the shock of his actions, or the wonder that she was still alive, when every vampire she’d ever encountered would’ve drained her on sight. Or worse.

Confused, she asked probably the worst question imaginable. “Why are you alive?”

His brows drew downward, giving his gaze the power of a raging storm held tremulously at bay. “You sound disappointed.”

“No, I mean, I’m not, it’s just…you survived.

“Others of my kind weren’t so lucky,” he growled. “You’ve visited deep pain upon my house. You killed my dearest friend, nearly undid my Realm, and set all of vampirekind on high alert. I wish to know why Devon had to die.”

A horrible realization struck her square in the chest. She cursed herself for her utter foolishness. The creature that so confounded her research was no mutant. The true mutants, if there were such, were the mindless beings invading her town. These creatures were sentient, maybe even civilized.

And they were pissed as hell.

Tears dripped down her cheeks. This was all her fault. She didn’t know how to answer the demands the man standing before her issued. She remained silent, certain her lack of action or response would be regarded as foolish bravado. In truth, she had no idea what to do.

The woman pulled her back against a nearby tree while divesting her of the sheltering cloak. Winter struck her skin full force, adding to her trembling. She wished she’d pulled a sweatshirt over her scrub top. She preferred to rely on her cloak for warmth because it allowed for more freedom and stealth of movement. She wondered if she’d have time to freeze to death. The man removed his belt, and for an instant, she believed he meant to thrash her. He folded it in his grasp, coiled to strike, his glowing gaze never leaving hers. She hid her relief when he tossed the thick leather strap to his female companion, who mercilessly bound her arms backward around the trunk.

She found voice enough to protest. “Please don’t. Let me go. You don’t understand.”

Her plea might’ve never been uttered, for all the consideration her captors gave it. The woman pulled the belt so tight she felt certain at least one of her arms would dislodge from its shoulder at any moment. The rough bark dug into her flesh through the thin cotton of her scrubs. When the woman stripped the quiver from her thigh and tied her at the knees with her scarf, she was pulled more upright against the tree. The flesh on the insides of her arms tore, sending shocks of pain through her nerves. The skin at the center of her back and down low behind her hips was forced against the trunk by her own muscles’ protests at the strict position. But the tears in her eyes were not brought on by pain. She was still reeling from her horrifying epiphany.

The woman circled into Chari’s range of view. She recognized the stunning redhead on sight. She’d recently been all over the news—a police detective who’d been taken down by, of all things, a drunk driver. Obviously, the facts regarding the woman’s demise were either misunderstood or unknown by Carrington’s authorities. Her jade eyes flashed with ethereal power. “You deserve whatever punishment the Council chooses. You don’t know what you’ve cost us.”

* * * *

Don’t forget to visit these other blogs and read more excerpts and information about Secrets & Promises!


Where to find Tamara:

Website: http://www.Havens-Realm.com

Blogsite: http://havensrealm.wordpress.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TamaraMonteau

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamaraMonteauAuthor

Buy Links:

Secret Cravings Publishing


Barnes and Noble


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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today, Lindsey!

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  4. Congratulations to Diana Tan and Emily Fuller, the winners of this event’s drawings. I will be contacting each to award copies of my latest release!

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