Tuesday Tales

Welcome back for another scene from my romantic fantasy, Return of Queen Sala, from the first in the Chronicles of Islana series. From the comments last week several people think the heroine uses time travel to go from one world to another. I’d love to tell you how it’s done, but that would spoil the surprise. Anyways, here’s this weeks contribution and as always being a WIP please excuse any errors or mistakes you find.


“Sir, here is your daughter. As you can see I was able to rescue her from that Falo before he could do her harm.”

“Again, thank you,” the man said returning to his knee so he could pick her up after checking for injuries himself.

Sala was happy to see him taking such good care of her. She knew all the adults took great care of their descendants, for without them they would go to the world of unhappiness.

“Forgive me for I have not introduced myself, I am called Aravan and this little trouble maker is Ariella.”

Sala reached over to the girl and brushed the raven black hair away which had fallen in front of her deep blue eyes.

“What beautiful eyes you have? Did you get the color from your mother?”

Sala burst into a smile as she watched Ariella bounce her head up and down with such energy the girl’s hair whipped around slapping Aravan in the face.

“You and your wife have a lively one there,” Sala said but no sooner were the words past her lips than she saw sadness in his eyes. “I am sorry. I did not see the widower necklace,” she corrected herself.

“It is my fault Your Majesty. As you know they make a humming tone when one is running and I need silence to hunt down the Falo.”

She watched as he set his daughter down and from a leather pouch on his belt retrieve and the amulet. With the requisite flourish he adorned himself with it.

“Who helps her with her needs which you are unable to provide?”

“Several of the mothers in the village help as needed. Perhaps you would care to travel with me to meet with them. This way you can approve their service to me and my daughter.”

“I would be remiss in my regal duties if I did not. Please lead the way,” Sala announced waving him to go first and the other assembled men followed behind them.

As Aravan led Queen Sala into his village, out from the houses made of sidous trees and mud, people swarmed out.

“My Queen they all wanting to catch a glimpse of you. For the full silver disk in the dark sky crossed overhead hundreds of times. Many thought you were dead or worse, captured by the Falos,” he pointed out.


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17 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Sarah Cass says:

    I really like the world you’re building. I’m fascinated.

  2. Vicki Locey says:

    Great world-building and wonderful characters. =)

  3. Sue says:

    Yes fascinating world where the queen takes such concern over each subject. Quite the other world from our own.

  4. Tai says:

    Very interesting. I love a good fantasy. I would love to learn more about the Falos.

  5. Jean says:

    The world building is awesome. I like the touch of a widower and his daughter. Will he end up marrying the queen or will she find someone suitable for him? We can’t let him be alone. Lovely story, Lindsay. Like this turn toward something different for you.

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jean. If I was to tell you if she was going to marry Aravan or find a mate then that would take the fun and surprise out of the story.

  6. Sherry Gloag says:

    A fascinating and intriguing scene.

  7. This is special and I look forward to reading more…x

  8. Tricia says:

    I am so intrigued with Sala and this world. I am pulling for her and the widower. And I really would love to know what a Falo is.

  9. karencino says:

    I agree with all the others. The world you are building is awesome. You are doing a phenomenal job. I already am loving Sala. I can’t wait for next week.

  10. sellery2010 says:

    I’ll have to read more, I need to know who the Falo are.

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