Tuesday Tales

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales. This week the prompt is sun.

Over the past weeks I’ve been sharing scenes from Book Four in the Jessica Sales series, Rodeo Queen. This particular book is scheduled for release in March 2014. Today’s entry is also the last time with this particular book. Next week I’ll be introducing you all to The Lost Earl, a regency romantic suspense.

She rolled onto her side letting her arm flop across his chest. Barely able to open her eyes, after a night of love making, she watched as sunlight danced across his chest. Lifting her head she was able to glance out the partially closed blinds.

“Damn. Get up, we overslept,” Shay said, shaking John until he stirred, then threw the sheet off letting the cool air conditioning pebble her nipples.


“You heard me. From the looks of the sun it’s got to be at least noon and we’ve got a lot to d and little time to do it in,” she briefly explained before ripping the bedding off him, which was a mistake as her she noticed his morning erection. She could feel her eyes widen at the sight.

Never having woken up with man in the same bed this came as a pleasant surprise, one she knew was going to be occurring every day from now on.

“What?” John said, then followed her eyes down. “Oh, that. Yep it’s normal but unfortunately we don’t have time right now to enjoy it.”

She stepped back so he could swing his legs over the side of the bed then stand, then stood on her toes and gave him a kiss.

“That’s a promise for things to come,” she whispered before heading to the bathroom and a shower, she knew alone but wished with him.

Twenty minutes later they stepped out of the RV into the midmorning sun to be met but Jessica and Ronny, with coffee cups in hand.

“Here, thought you might need this and don’t worry we woke up not long ago ourselves. Still haven’t heard from the other two,” Jessica said handing Shay the mug.

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9 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Tai says:

    What, no afternoon delight? Well, at least there is a promise for a noon uprising at a later date.

  2. Iris B says:

    Great scene … hotness all around this week 🙂

  3. Vicki Locey says:

    Gracious me, there is saucy hot stuff all OVER the place today. I love it!

  4. jeanjoachim says:

    Whew! Turn up the fan! Great, hot scene, Lindsay. Looking forward to reading this book when it comes out.

  5. Sarah Cass says:

    Hehe…a good morning surprise indeed!! 😀 Too bad they couldn’t enjoy a shower together 😉

  6. kballauthor says:

    sorry I’ll have to wait until next year to read the rest- but congrats!!

  7. I love it. Very realistic and hot!!

  8. Tricia says:

    Hmm…very nice excerpt! Can’t wait to read the rest of this in March!!

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