Lydia Michaels with a HOT new book


Lydia Michaels, award-winning author of contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance is switching things up!

You may be familiar with her series about sexy Amish Vampyres—that’s right, AMISH—which won The Top Bite Award in 2012 from Bitten by Paranormal Romance. You also may know her New Castle series, a contemporary series, which takes each heroine to the limit and proves how capable women truly are.

But this May Lydia is switching things up a bit with her new novel, Breaking Perfect. Breaking Perfect is the first book by Ms. Michaels that comes with a warning. Beware, readers, this one is HOT! Breaking Perfect releases May 9th from Secret Cravings Publishing and you can get a sneak peek here!

Also keep an eye out for Lydia Michaels’ upcoming debut with Penguin Publishing this fall, as she introduces The Surrender Trilogy, selected as one of the hottest eBooks of 2013!

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BreakingPerfect_LRGBreaking Perfect

Dr. and Mrs. Mason Davis appear to have the perfect life, but looks can be deceiving. Liberty isn’t perfect, far from it, yet everyday she strives to be the ideal wife. It was love at first sight for Mason, despite all the challenges living with someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder might face. And from the moment Liberty gave him her heart, he knew he was meant to keep her safe. Mason accepts that Liberty is flawed, even when she does not. He endeavors to keep life as orchestrated as possible for his wife, but when his ex-lover, Sean, shows up unannounced, Mason loses a bit of his ever present control and cracks begin to show in his perfect life.

Liberty’s just right, carefully ordered world begins to unravel when she falls for the man who is in love with her husband. When what she wants is the antithesis of perfect, she struggles with her desires, and fears she may break. But breaking may be the only thing that can set Liberty free.

A beautifully told, psychological tale that redefines the meaning of perfect and breaks all the rules of love.

WARNING: Breaking Perfect is a highly graphic erotic romance, which contains content that may be not be suitable for all readers. This novel examines the Dominant/submissive dynamic, explores areas touching on light BDSM, and includes situations some readers may find offensive. This book is a poly-amorous romance, which means it is a love story between three people trying to find their happily ever after. There are intense sexual scenes, which include MMF ménage, meaning the male characters may interact sexually with or without the female heroine present.

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