Tuesday Tales

Welcome back for another Tuesday Tales. This week the word prompt is “yellow”. As Return of Queen Sala is my romantic fantasy WIP please excuse any errors you might find. In this scene we got to see more world building as a wedding, or joining as the Islanics call it takes place. Enjoy.


Hidden moderately in the shadows she watched as the crowd started to form and was happy when some of the villagers recognized, nodded to her but did not bow to their knee, which she returned.

“In our village we, the elders that is, have thought it best to have the newest coupled pair perform the joining ceremony. They will arrive with the two dults, step onto the platform then will enact the ritual with the new ones saying words of their own making,” Aravan whispered.

“So each village has their own?”

“Yes and this was approved by the previous queen and even though Erod, The Usurper has tried to stop this tradition he cannot.”

“Once the two are joined then lead me to the podium so I may give my consent to the union,” Sala spoke in a hushed tone.

“As you wish.”

From where she stood, Sala observed in interest as four people strolled from an abode across from the dais. The woman wore a light blue dress while her partner wore pants and shirt of the same color. The other two were covered in simple brown robes. Once in front of the podium they shed their capes revealing both in yellow outfits.

Sala was interested to note the young woman’s outfit was high waisted with a scooped neckline. The dress brushed the top of her feet but included a short piece dragging behind. His shirt and trousers were styled similar to what the men wore.

“The pair who are to be joined pick the color and design to wear. When it is their turn to officiate they wear the outfits then are put away only to be brought out when they go to they go into the other land,” Aravan whispered.

Sala nodded since her concentration was on the two couples climb the steps. Both, she was pleased to witness was the affectionate gazes between each couple. She could definitely detect love between them which made her heart swell with pride. At least something’s hadn’t changed or so she suspected and hoped.

She realized as the ceremony started to unfold before her there was a lot of catching up to do as she only recently has become aware of her unusual absence. Her only question, how to get answers to her unasked questions but that would have to wait as the union words were about to be spoken.

Sala focused her attention not only on the couple in yellow but the words they shared-

I am called Artin and to my most sweet Eroy with all my heart, mind and body I do pledge myself to you. To aid, stand by your side no matter what adversity.

Once she finished Artin held out her right hand to the pair who were conducting the coupling.

I am called Eroy and to you precious and loving Artin, you will always be in my mind and heart. I will protect you with my life if need be. Never will you want for anything within my power to give or provide for you.

Eroy extended his left and set it beside hers.

Sala watched in wonderment as the couple in blue took a thin strip of yellow cloth then bound Artin and Eroy’s right wrist to left wrist. Then singly each whispered words to the new pair, of which Sala suspected were words of gratitude and encouragement.


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12 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Vicki Locey says:

    Wonderful world building and detail!

  2. Sue says:

    Lovely ceremony

  3. Sarah Cass says:

    What a lovely ceremony. You’re building an interesting and beautiful world.

  4. karencino says:

    I loved the ceremony and the wonderful descriptions of the dresses. You have tackled this genre and mastered it already, Lindsay. Great work.

  5. Tai says:

    The vows were beautiful. This genre suits you very well.

  6. Jean says:

    So sweet to have a joining ceremony. I love that and you rarely see it in fantasy. It was a lovely piece. Well done!

  7. That reminded me of my wedding, they do it with red ribbon out here… Beautiful imagery and words..xx

  8. Tricia says:

    Very beautiful and sweet ceremony. I love the use of colors and the vows were incredible. Love it!

  9. Sherry Gloag says:

    Enchanting and very vivid.

  10. Iris B says:

    Agree with everyone … lovely ceremony.

  11. sellery2010 says:

    Nice description of the ceremony.

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