Tuesday Tales

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Welcome back for another round or Tuesday Tales. This is from my WIP, Rodeo Queen so please forgive any mistakes or errors you might find.

The flight from Antibes to Dallas/Fort Worth had been uneventful since Jessica reshowed the videos. This was so John and Toby could get a better understanding of what they’d be doing. What she enjoyed was the look of fear on Toby’s face when he saw a bull charge, then toss the clown around like a rag doll.

“You sure you still want to do that?” Martina asked.

Jessica detected a touch of fear in her friends voice.

Jessica running the clover leaf.

Jessica running the clover leaf.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen all that frequently and I’ve arranged for one of the best to work with your husband.”

The one thing which bugged her, and she suspected the other, was the lack of good intel. This had been discussed and it was uniformly decided they’d have to play it by ear. On landing she and Ronny would go ahead to meet her father, introduce him as her fiancée and see what was going on. They’d avoid any reference to The Consortium unless asked and then she’d be the one to answer the questions. The rest of the team would follow along and checked into a hotel in Cedar Park which Collette had arranged with her usual aplomb.

After clearing customs and immigrations, their diplomatic passports easing the process, the two lovebirds headed for short term parking to get the truck awaiting them. The three hour drive to Leander was a touch bittersweet for her as she remembered her last visit.

Five years ago, right before the Company had approached her, she’d made this drive but alone fighting back the tears.

Now today with him at the wheel she let her mind drift back to when between six and eleven years old she’d been in and thrown out of seven foster homes. Each getting rid of her because she acted out. Close to being sent to juvie for shoplifting she’d been taken to the Estes ranch.

As her social worker pulling onto the long drive she’d said,

“Look Jessica, this is your last chance. Don’t make it here you’re getting locked up. And that won’t be the first time. My guess, you’ll end up spending your life in and out of prison. I know you’re intelligent with a very deductive mind which can work out the most complex problems as the tests have shown. You just need to channel your energies into something productive and that’s why I convinced the judge to have you come here.

“Mr. Estes and his wife have worked with other troubled kids with moderate success. In my heart I know you’ll find the home you’ve been looking for. Just give them a chance.”

To this day, thirteen years later, those words still hung in her mind.

It hadn’t been easy, the first few weeks, getting up before the sun to clean the horses stalls. But there was one which George, as he’d insisted she call him, told her never to go near. A barely green broke buckskin mare called Sweetpea.

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11 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. dawnep says:

    Fabulous scene- love the way you transition from one moment to the past memory

  2. Jean says:

    Love the background on Jessica. Rounds out and deepens her character. I love getting to know her behind the facade. I also liked the way you transitioned from the present with the setting spurring a memory. Very nicely done. Love your stories, Lindsay.

  3. tricia says:

    I am dying to know who the Company is. Does it have to do with the spider venom? I am so hooked!

  4. Davee Jones says:

    Great scene and transition to memories. I like the background on Jessica, great character development.

  5. Sue says:

    Did you say they were meeting her father? Troubled kids just have to find the right home..

  6. Tai says:

    I love the flashback. Jessica is definitely a character that is relateable for many. I love this story.

  7. Iris B says:

    love the background information!

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