Tuesday Tales

Word prompt- gift

From the shadows of a nearby doorway he watched as she climbed into the back of the vehicle. The others he didn’t recognize but was sure they were part of bringing his empire down. But, it was her he focused mostly one.

It had been a long hard road to recover where walking, if one could call it that as his stride once powerful had now been relegated to a weak shuffle, was even possible.

By some miracle he’d survived the explosion on the airplane and now was bent on bring the instrument of his near death down. Except this time he didn’t have help as she’d already killed Brandie who’d once been the best in the business. The others, whom he’d trusted with his life, were either dead or in jail.

With what little assets he now had available were a gift, something not to be taken for granted. This he’d learned from the mistakes in his past where running rough-shod over any and all was the order of the day.

He knew to take her out he’d have to have patience and wait for the right time, which now it wasn’t. Once the van with her in it disappeared down the road he stepped from the shadows and got into his custom designed car.

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6 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Vicki Locey says:

    Very enjoyable snippet!

  2. karencino says:

    Love the background. You left me yearning to read more.

  3. jeanjoachim says:

    Love the nice slow build of suspense here. Am looking forward to reading more.

  4. Davee Jones says:

    Strategy is key and you outlined this well in this piece. Nice TT

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