Tuesday Tales

Snowy CabinThis week we’re writing to this picture and have to keep the scene within 300 words. Mine is from my WIP, White Queen. Enjoy.

The sound of barking dogs in the distance drove her forward through the knee deep snow. Her destination or so she prayed, a thin spiral of white smoke lazily drifting skyward.

Fleeing her captor wearing only thin slacks and a barely see-through blouse with slipped to protect her feet hadn’t been the smartest thing to do. If it hadn’t been for the car skidding on the snow covered mountain road she wouldn’t have been able to escape.

By some miracle she’d been thrown clear when the vehicle had collided with the two foot high snow bank. The other passengers had been knocked unconscious. She didn’t even waste a moment to check to see if any of them were alive. She’d said a silent prayer they were dead, especially the man who’d bought her from Alfonso.

As quickly as the barking dogs got her moving the silence from them slowed her. Glancing around she noticed a partially frozen stream. Stepping over she stooped down and cupped icy cold water into her panic dried mouth.

The soft sweet melody of a bird served as an interesting juxtaposition to what she’d been through the past weeks. There wasn’t anything sweet about the man or how she’d been treated.

A heavy chill reminded her it was time to get moving toward the cabin she’d spied. Climbing up the shallow embankment she glanced around to get her bearing and saw the smoke was still rising and now seemed a little thicker, meaning someone had added wood to the fire.

Twenty cold minutes later she didn’t even knock on the door but walked in to a warm room with five people studying a map. The shorter turned, a smile on her face.

“Hi Gail, I’m Jessica Sales and I was sent to rescue you.”


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10 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. WOW! What a scene! Rescue her? From what? Great excerpt

  2. Jean says:

    Nice surprise, Lindsay!! I wasn’t expecting that at all. Well done.

  3. Iris says:

    Wow – great post!

  4. Vicki Locey says:

    Wow, I wasn`t expecting that at all. Well done!

  5. Sherry Gloag says:

    A very vivid scene, and as usual you leave us with a great big tease. Like Oliver – i wan’t MORE!

  6. Very nice ending to this weeks’ tale. 🙂

  7. karencino says:

    I wasn’t expecting that ending either. This week you left me with a lot of questions. I love the descriptions, especially about the frozen stream.

  8. Sue says:

    no snow here but your scene was vivid enough for me to feel the drifts and the chill

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