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This week in honor of Thanksgiving I’m doing something a little different. The following isn’t from Red Queen who will be back next week for its final scene.

What I’m thankful for

Each of us, in our own ways, has something to be thankful for. It can be good health, a loving family, even a job you love going to everyday.

For me it the last one. Every day I go to a job that to me really isn’t a work but a passion.

Even more importantly than writing I am thankful for a roof over my head.

You are all aware, back in September I loaded up my little car and moved from Connecticut to Texas. What you didn’t know, I didn’t have a place to live when I got here.

I knew what I wanted and didn’t want.

Thanks to a dear friend here in Texas we were able to find the perfect place for me to live. Hell, I’d have even settled for a pop-up camper.

What I got was a ten by ten room in a boarding house. It’s not the best or worst but it is warm and dry.

I’m also thankful for being associated with two of the best ePublishers in the world.

I’m thankful for the best group of friends anyone can imagine. Not only here in Tuesday Tales but also on Facebook.

Okay, okay I’m also thankful for my health.

And last but not least I’m thankful for the ability to take a picture or a word and each week tell a story. Of course the word prompts have developed into two different stories and as I said about next week will be the last for Red Queen. The following week I’ll be starting the story titled, White Queen.

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10 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Sue says:

    We did thanksgivng on my weekly blog too. And I am thankful that you are my friend 😀

  2. Vicki Locey says:

    What a heartfelt post. =)

  3. pamelavmason says:

    Your Thanksgiving gratefulness is touching.

  4. Davee Jones says:

    Very brave and adventurous. I hope everything goes well for you here in Texas. Thank you for sharing your story and the reasons you give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Jean says:

    Great post, Lindsay – poignant. I’m thankful for your friendship and devotion to Tuesday Tales, too. I’m so glad you’ve found the right place to be and are safe and warm. Hoping your holiday is a good one.

  6. karencino says:

    I give you credit for picking up and moving straight across the country. I hope you find everything you are looking for. Happy Thanksgiving, Lindsay.

  7. That was a touching post, Lindsay. It takes so much courage to move across the country like that. I’m glad you’ve found a safe home and that you are living your passion. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Lindsay says:

    Reblogged this on Murders and Mysteries and commented:

    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  9. sherrygloagtheheartofromance says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for reminding us of the meaning of the holiday. You’re a brave woman to pack up and head west. I have family that moved to Oklahoma in the ’80’s. It was a cultural shock for them, but they’ve done well. Wishing you the best. I enjoy your posts. Happy Thanksgiving!

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