Hump Day Hook

The first few days of the week are uphill and now we’re at the peak. After today it’s all downhill to the weekend. So to honor hump day we have this blog hop.

Each of us posts one paragraph from either a WIP or book that’s released. Don’t forget to follow the link back to read the other hooks.

So, here’s mine. It’s the opening paragraph from my WIP, Ice Queen. Enjoy.

Through pilot-style sunglasses Opératoire Spécial Jessica Sales scanned the terrain spread out before her, from the comfort of her SUV. Soft rolling hills covered in knee high grass. The occasional weather tortured tree dotted the landscape. Hawks flying lazily above looking for their next meal.

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7 Responses to Hump Day Hook

  1. Weather tortured tree…great description! Happy hump day!

  2. A great description all around! Can definitely see through her eyes! Great job!

  3. Lacie says:

    Nice description! Very well done.

  4. karencino says:

    Awesome opening paragraph Jessica. Excellent!

  5. Cool! I love the picture, as well.

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