Tuesday Tales


This is from a totally new story that one of these days I’ll get back to. Since it’s a WIP not to mention untitled please excuse any mistakes you find.

Sidney couldn’t believe what had happened in the few minutes she’d been inside her grandparent’s house. As a paranormal debunker seeing the sky only above the Victorian mansion change to the strangest shade of deep purple was something worth investigating.

Before going to her grandparents she’d made inquiries around town but to no avail. As far as the new owners was concerned the police, post office even the school nor anyone at City Hall knew that much about them. Even the city building inspector only vaguely remembers visiting to certify the house. Sidney did find out the building had been purchased through a holding company and was paid for in full.

She did learn the house had been purchased by a unique group of people right before it was to be condemned by the city. Then, within the period of a few weeks, not months, it had been restored to its original beauty.

Stepping outside onto the front porch of her grandparents Sidney took several pictures not only of the Victorian house but the sky above. These she’d evaluate when she got home and probably send copies to a meteorologist friend for his take. Once done she walked down to the street and looked up and down the road.

“Grams, I see that several of the neighbors moved.”

“Yes darlin’, seems though it only happens once a year. Right about now,” Grandfather replied from the doorway.

Interesting that all this should be happening around All Hallows Eve, Sidney thought, not wanting to upset her grandparents.

Wanting a closer look at the seemingly out of place decorations surrounding the mansion she walked over. Examining several of the statues she felt a chill slide down her spine when she realized why they looked so lifelike.

These figurines used to be people.

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7 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Jean says:

    Oohhh, what a chilling ending! So are the grandparents really innocent? What is she going to find? I’m sucked in.

  2. karencino says:

    Wow. The ending was awesome. I’m thinking the grandparents know a lot more than they are saying. Nice start to a new story.

  3. I agree it does sound the grandparents are into something wicked.

  4. sue says:

    Hey – good for you – a new genre – I like it 😀

  5. Vicki Locey says:

    Very creepy ending! Is this Medusa`s house??

  6. Sherry Gloag says:

    I hope you don’t wait too long to continue with this stroy.

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