Tuesday Tales

Some of you might remember that Martina and Toby were kidnapped by the villain Mr. Boris. Well, it’s time for their rescue from the chateau.

Jessica Sales choice of knife.

As you can guess the word prompt this week is knife.

This is a WIP scene from Red Queen so you might find mistakes. Sorry.

“Got ya. Let me know when you move?”

“K. Moving down the slope know.”

She wasn’t surprised Ronny didn’t respond since they’d worked together for so long. She and he knew silence was the order of the night as Jessica slowly, carefully and painfully made her way toward the target.

Slinging her Remington 700 over her back Jessica, hand over hand, worked her way up the wall, courtesy of a former owner who’d let ivy and other climbing plants overtake the side. At the base of the window she secured herself with a ‘D-ring’ to a metal stanchion.

From a pocket on her tactical vest she withdrew a telescoping periscope. Holding one end between her teeth she extended it then slipped it up to see if, other than Martina and Toby, anyone was in the room. With their backs to the window Jessica wasn’t able to tell if they were hurt. When she saw Martina move her head, at least Jessica knew they were alive.

Unclipping herself she boosted herself onto the balcony. With one hand resting on her Sig Saur pistol she slid her tanto bladed knife from her calf holster. She slipped the blade between the French windows until it came in contact with the latch. Silently she released the handle and swung one door open and stepped into the room.

“Martina, Toby,” she whispered and got a soft moan in response.

Stepping around them she almost lost her meal at what she saw. Both had been beaten, with what she wasn’t sure but from the bruises she’d guessed a baseball bat, Mr. Boris’ weapon of choice.

Gently Jessica put a hand on Martina’s shoulder and gave it a shake. “Martina, can you hear me? it’s Jessica.”

She watched as Martina lifted her head and looked, as best as she could through swollen eyelids, at her. “Hi.”

“Shush, do say anything. Ronny and I are going to get you both outta here. Can you walk?”

“I can, I think but that asshole did a number on Toby’s legs. I don’t think he can.”

“Not a problem,” Jessica said then activated her whisper mic.

“Ronny, John you both on.”

She gave Martina an encouraging smile when they both answered.

“Here’s the deal. Shit for brains has tortured Martina and Toby. Ronny make your way down to the house. John drive right in. Rules of Engagement, terminate if it walks.”

“Roger, see you in five. You secure in the room?” Ronny replied.

“Yeah. Just get here Toby doesn’t look too good. I’ll call Paschal to get an ambulance to meet us somewhere between here and Antibes.”

Three and a half minutes later the sound of gun fire told Jessica rescue was at hand. A minute later a knock on the door followed by Ronny calling out he was coming in was all she needed to finally breath easily.

“Come ahead,” she called out, safetying her pistol but still keeping it in her hand.

“Three wounded, one dead and no sign of Mr. Boris. Police are enroute,” Ronny announced coming into the room.

He gave one look at Toby, slumped over in the wooden chair with the only thing holding upright were ropes tying his arms behind him. Martina, already freed was kneeing beside her husband crying.

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10 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Sue says:

    That got me angry. Toby better be okay

  2. Vicki Locey says:

    Hope everyone is okay. Nicely done!

  3. karencino says:

    Wow. What a scene. I hope Toby is okay. You are really building up the tension.

  4. J.P. Grider says:

    What an intriguing scene. Well done.

  5. jeanjoachim says:

    OMG! Toby isn’t dead is he? I hope not. Love these scenes, Lindsay. You do them so very well. The suspense is building and I can’t wait until they bring that bas**rd down.

  6. Great suspense scene. Hope Toby will pull through.

  7. Ciara Knight says:

    Strong characters. The dialogue was bold and engaging. Great job.

  8. Davee Jones says:

    This reminds me of a bad-a## tombraider female character. Nicely done

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