Murders and Mysteries

For a change of pace, this week I’m giving you the opening to my second regency WIP so please excuse any errors or mistakes. This one is tentatively called Maid To Be a Lady. This story features several characters from my contracted Christmas story, A Christmas Surprise.

So sit back and enjoy this opening-

Debbi carefully set the folded day gown in a pale blue sprigged muslin into the brown trunk. On top she gently placed the chemise and stockings that went with the morning dress. She’d done the same with each of the outfits, pairing the correct undergarments with the outfit.

Next she retrieved the pale pink satin gown from her dressing table chair, held it up in front of herself while gazing at the vision in the mirror. Lost in the daydream of dancing with a handsome gentleman she never heard the door to her room…

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