Murders and Mysteries

This week we’re going back to my WIP, Ice Queen. Please excuse any mistakes or errors you find. If you recall, they met up in a seedy bar in the middle of Wyoming and now Justin is taking Jessica to his secret hideout.

No matter how many times he traveled this route the beauty of the changing landscape always seemed to amaze him. This time of year, spring as it slowly drifted into summer, was Justin’s favorite. Almost daily the colors of the flowers would change, as they brought new life into the area.

He glanced over his shoulder. “So isn’t this beautiful country.” He stopped when he came close to using her real name.

Silence, except for the clop of horses hooves filled the space between them. He suspected she was calculating the perfect response.

“Yes. I can see why you live here so far from civilization. I’ve only…

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  1. Sue says:

    she really knows how to use a knife… I liked yu on amazon by the way

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