Tuesday Tales

Pardon me but I’m going to step into the third book in the A Jessica Sales Novel series, White Queen, with this word prompt. This, as with the others is a WIP so please excuse any mistakes. This scene is from the opening chapter.

Word prompt- ‘white’

From atop the quay Jessica stared at her newest baby, a her 34 meter long yacht. Not the biggest in the basin and surely not the smallest.

For her needs and those of her friends the right size. Now, they could easily cruise the islands which dotted the Med in style and comfort. A dream she’d had for several years.

Sure, she thought, flying to the larger ones was great but who said great was always the best. And what about the small hideaways that held secrets maybe even treasures. Slow and relaxed could work just as well, thus this vessel.

She leaned, a smile on her lips, propped against one of the many pink granite boulders separating the parking area from the steps down to twenty ships. Many different in size, design and luxury features but all with one thing in common. They, like hers, gleamed white under the mid-day sun.

From where she relaxed, Jessica watched as Toby and Ronny were directed under the strict eye of Collette in the loading of piles of foodstuffs.

She knew all too well the torment the men were going through. Yesterday she and Martina had on-loaded the dishes, earthenware for everyday use and Royal Doulton china for evenings and entertaining. Even plastic plates and bowls for the more relaxed time was brought aboard.

Glasses of all shapes and sizes ranging from shot glasses to crystal champagne flutes and wine glasses. All personally selected by Jessica under the strict guidance of Collette. The silverware ran the gamut from cheap plastic ware to sterling silver.

But, the most prized and cared for were the coffee mugs. Not cups, unless they went with a service but utility, sturdy mugs for all the time use. Each member of the team had either selected from their home or bought ones they wanted. Ones they felt comfortable holding on to. Not surprising Toby and Ronny had brought ones which featured naked women painted on the sides. Of course, the females were accurate representations of her and Martina.

Not to be out done the women, including Collette had their own favorite mugs. On each was painted a portrait of their man with a certain man-part standing at attention for the handle.

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7 Responses to Tuesday Tales

  1. Lisa Orchard says:

    Great Excerpt Lindsay! 🙂

  2. Jean says:

    Love the mugs, Lindsay. Great touch of sexy humor here. This story is starting off well.

  3. Karen says:

    I’d like to get a hold of the mug with the man’s private acting as the handle. The description has me hysterical. Once again, you have shared with us the start of another great story.

  4. Davee Jones says:

    the ending had me smiling. great description of the mugs! great TT

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